In this article, Janine gives a lot more detail about her session with me and explains a bit more about what happened and why she did certain things. I trust you will enjoy it and find it useful. All discrepancies between her and my articles are due to my lack of memory, as I was too “involved in being healed” to recall everything clearly. This is written by Janine and published with her permission.

Freddie is someone I respect as being an open minded and spiritual person. I was thrilled to be able to offer him a session.

Generally, I wait to hear what someone wants to get out of a session, before I decide how to proceed. Freddie wanted to work on clearing some self-worth, self-judgement issues. He said ‘What I would like to get out of this is to know I deserve the best for myself.’

So we began with some basic emotional freedom tapping using an initial set-up statement.

It took a while for us to find a suitable ending affirmation for the set-up statement, ‘I’m doing the best I can’. Did not feel right. ‘I love and accept myself’. Did not ring true in this case as we were dealing with shame. So we went with ‘I’m still worth the effort.’ To complete the set-up of: ‘My history is telling me that I do not deserve the best for myself, I’m still worth the effort’. Initially, when I asked how true this statement was for him, he said 9 out of 10 true.

We did a round or two of tapping sequence, on the eyebrow point, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chin crease, ‘collar bones’, top of head and heart. We followed this by the gamut procedure, which includes massaging the fingertips. Then we did eye exercises to begin to release the emotions behind this issue as well as to begin to delete the thought form itself. We got the effect down to a 7.

We were tapping out the negative thoughts. Later one could use tapping to tap in affirmations.

Usually, at this point, I will ask the client where in the body they feel the effect of the issue. Freddie was experiencing a sensation of tightness in his chest. I asked him to describe it further and used that as our new set-up statement. He tapped on the side of his hand, on the ‘karate chop point’ saying: “Even though I have this slight pain, this tightness in my chest, I’m still worth the effort.”

After a round of the tapping sequence (Side Eye, Eyebrow, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collar Bone, Top of Head and Heart) I asked him to explain, if the pain were a colour and a shape, what they would be. He described it as ‘like a turquoise wave’.

The set-up statement then became: “Even though I have this turquoise wave in my heart, I am worth the effort.”

This got his numbers or SUDS (subjective units of distress) down to a 4.

A feeling of shame came up for him and Freddie acknowledged that it has always been there. When this is the case, I often use a protocol called ‘group matrix’. It would take too much time to go to evrry single younger version of self that experienced that feeling, so we just call them all in. Often these feelings are not even our own, so we call in our ancestors, who also had this thought form that ‘they don’t deserve the best’, along with this feeling of shame.

In this process, I ask them permission to change the thought form, explaining it is possible to change. They allow those thought and feelings to turn into dry old wood, which we burn away. In this case Freddie’s flames looked maroon. This is specific to his case. We let a clear wind blow away the ash and water washed out the spaces where the wood used to be. We note any crystals that are the lessons learned from this experience and connect with light to fill up these spaces and realign everyone with truth.

After the group echo Freddie’s SUDS were at a 2. We then did floor to ceiling eye movement.

When it was time to say goodbye to everyone in the group process, two people remained to chat to him. A young, confident adult version wanted to tell him he is awesome and wonderful. I got Freddie to merge with him to feel what confidence feels like. He experienced this as a shaking vibration inside. I checked whether it was fear or excitement. We then spoke to the other person who stayed behind. He is a younger self of about five years old. He wanted to be held and to stay with Freddie. This younger version experienced his shame ‘like a dark blue box’. We did a round of tapping for him. This is where we step into matrix reimprinting. We become the healer of our younger selves by tapping for them.

I ended with another awesome protocol; a heart light meditation. We travel to Freddie’s Higher Power, look down at the blue box of shame, ask what colour light would help and then beam that down to him. The yellow light dissolved the remaining shame. Freddie as he is, confident Freddie and little Freddie merged into oneness. After clearing ‘I don’t deserve the best for myself’ and the underlying shame, Freddie had a new affirmation of ‘I am wonderful, awesome and confident.’

Freddie’s homework was to imagine this yellow light any time he needed a boost of confidence and to use this affirmation, which his matrix counterpart gave him.

In my experience with healing, there are two main reasons why we get ill. One reason is if we have left our body due to shock. Freddie’s five-year-old would be an example of this. The other reason would be possession by other entities. This often happens to people in active addiction.

There is great healing that can happen when our younger selves, our higher selves and the witness in us come together. When we step back into our heart space, we regain our connection to All that Is.

It is my greatest pleasure to help people back towards wholeness. I am an expert in emotional recovery. I offer safe and effective processes to help you back to serenity, so that your broken heart can be an open heart again. ‘Feelings are the facts’ and ‘what you can feel you can heal.’ It is said.

  • Access Bars: If you want to feel better but don’t want to talk about emotions. Specific points on the head, known as ‘bars’ are held to help you rest, renew, reboot, and restore.

  • Sound therapy: Monochord music, with overtone harmonics is great for soothing the heart and soul.

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) is scientifically proven to reduce cravings as well as physical, emotional and mental pain. You can learn creative ways to calm yourself down and enhance your emotional sobriety, while raising your vibration and courage levels.

  • Matrix Reimpriniting clears negative thought patterns, beliefs and stuck emotional states, resulting from unprocessed shock and trauma. If you are suffering from panic attacks, grief, anxiety, rage, allergies, depression, addictions, stress, relationship or sexual issues I’m here.

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