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2019-09-26 00:00:00 +0200 26 26 09 2019

The Life Anon Chat

The work of the past year is coming together at The Recovery Festival on Saturday, 28 September 2019. Which means, my work of the past two years is also reaching an end. At the Recovery Festival, I am launching my new book, Life Anon: A 12-step guide to life for non-addicts. In this podcast I talk about my motivation for writing this book and I do two readings from the book. One gives a bit of background on my life and the other is a rather long reading, explaining and giving real life situations of why Life Anon can make all our lives better. Life Anon should be available to purchase by Friday, 4 October 2019. Order directly from me at It costs R 300.00. Postage in South Africa is R35.00 and outside South Africa, R100.00. You can read more about in on my website. Click on the Life Anon page.


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Recording date

23 September 2019

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24min 57sec