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2019-11-07 00:00:00 +0200 7 07 11 2019

The Life Anon teaser

Today I complete my previous reading of the inroduction, called A Note from Freddie of my latest book, Life Anon; A 12-step guide for non-addicts. I also read the Scenario section as well as a part of Step 1. For those who are interested, you can order your copy from me directly on my website or send me a message on Facebook at either “Meet me in the field” or Freddie Counsellor or Direct Message me on Twitter at @RensburgFreddie or message me on Instagram at Freddie Counsellor. Remember that Freddie is always spelt with an ie at the end. The book costs R300.00. Postage in South Africa is R35 and R100 internationally.


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Recording date

04 November 2019

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38min 32sec