Meet me in the field

2020-06-25 00:00:00 +0200 25 25 06 2020

The Healing Touch

Welcome to the fifth and last episode of our Meet me in the field journey into Covid-19 lockdown. Today we hear from our healing friends.

Our first guest today is Mia The Nia Ninja from 16 May 2019, which was our 86th episode and one of our most listened to guests ever. Mia is a black belt Nia instructor and a most lovely person. I liked her from the moment we met. Learn more about Mia and Nia by clicking on this link. Our second guest is Leigh The Hypnotherapist from Episode 112, which went live on 5 December 2019. Leigh got into NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy after a horse riding accident which caused amnesia, contributing to her losing 9 months of her life. If you want to connect with Leigh, find her on her website. Next up is Janine. She is The Healer of the third episode, which was posted on 28 September. Since the posting of that episode Janine and I got much closer and I have learned to respect her all the more. I have also learnt that she is an amazing and interesting woman. A true healer. She did some Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) and Matrix reimprinting treatment on me, with wonderful results. Learn more about Janine and all her healing modalities at Be the grace of serenity. Fourth in line this week is my cousin’s daughter, Karlien, The Second Cousin from 20 June 2019 – our 91st episode. Karlien and I had no contact with each other, until about two or three years ago, when we somehow connected on social media. I liked her from the word go and we have since become great friends. She is an Occupational Therapist in private practice – you can find Karlien on her website. Steve is our proverbial “next lady for a shave”. He is The Kundalini Teacher of episode 83 of 25 April 2019. Steve is not only a yoga teacher, but has also now qualified as a Compassionate Enquiry practitioner. I had two session with him so far and highly recommend this new and exciting modality. You can find Steve on his website. Our last healer and the person with the responsibility of closing our Covid-19 lockdown series is Frances episode 124’s The Tension Releaser of 26 March 2020. I have actually known Frances, or maybe, known of Frances, for quite a few years already. I am doing her TRE (Trauma/tension release exercise) classes every few weeks and find it immensely valuable. If you want to reach Frances, go to the Prospect Hill Recovery Practice website.


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Recording date

21 May 2020

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1hr 53min 20sec