Meet me in the field

2020-07-02 00:00:00 +0200 2 02 07 2020

The Role Reversal Your Host

A while ago I was chatting with my friend Merwe, the host of the awesome podcast, Talking Orangutans. He asked how I feel about being interviewed for Meet me in the field. Knowing Merwe, I knew it would be interesting and intense; always up for a challenge, I agreed. As always, Merwe did not disappoint. I love the way his mind works and always enjoy our dark and sick sense of humour when we get together. Be warned, this podcast may offend the sensitive listener. Merwe always asks probing and boundary pushing questions and again proved the saying that there are more questions than answers. Please go check out his Talking Orangutans podcast for examples of how he tackles issues like racism and mental health - without blinking an eye or skipping a beat.

Also keep your eyes and ears open for the launch of our combined podcast, Orangutans in the field. We talk about life issues and the effect they have on how we think and feel, loosely related to mental health in general.


  • Merwe
  • Freddie



Recording date

20 June 2020

Running time

50min 28sec