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2020-11-12 00:00:00 +0200 12 12 11 2020

The Dancing Queen

I am loving the opportunity to introduce you to Shumi Chimombe. A biodanza facilitator, who is hugely passionate about this form of movement. This is what their facebook page says about biodanza: ``Developed in the 1960’s by Professor Rolando Toro (1924-2010), a Chilean psychologist, anthropologist and poet, Biodanza is now practised in over 20 countries worldwide and continues to evolve and grow. Reduce stress, increase self-confidence, rediscover playfulness and cultivate the art of relating. Regular participation in Biodanza enriches your connection to yourself, others and Life. Everyone can do biodanza, there are no steps to learn, no age limits and no fitness requirements. The facilitator guides participants through the class, but the movement is your own. The process creates a safe and non-judgmental environment. Check out their facbook page: I met Shumi at a Family Constellation workshop and was immediately attracted to her sense of connectedness. I really liked her and offered her a lift home, where we chatted really nicely. Social media kept us in contact and here is she today.


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Recording date

12 October 2020

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53min 10sec