Meet me in the field

2020-12-10 00:00:00 +0200 10 10 12 2020

The Jewish Mother

It fills my heart with joy to bring Dana to you for this episode of Meet me in the field.

Dana is one of those strange people whom I don’t really know, yet I have heard of her so often in so many places and from so many people, that I find it strange that I don’t actually know her. I think we met last year at the Recovery Festival for the first time.

Dana is not only, so far, on a 22 year recovery journey of her own, but she is also a Counsellor, both consulting and in her own practice, while she lectures at both SACAP and UCT in addiction-related fields. To give her life more balance she is also a mother, a wife and enjoys to hike.

I am really happy that we managed to bring this interview to you, because not only did I have technical difficulties before the chat, but I also made a huge boo-boo with the recording. Was it not for my Computer Science Professor husband, Jaco, who could figure out how to fix what I broke, we would not have been able to meet Dana in the field today.


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Recording date

23 November 2020

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39min 34sec