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2021-01-14 00:00:00 +0200 14 14 01 2021

The Positive Accentuator

This week we start with an exciting 4-week series of podcasts, where I speak with a few overseas podcast hosts. There will be some more episodes in this series over the next few weeks.

Our first guest in this regard is KAren Swain from Sydney, Australia. KAren hosts a podcast called Accentuate the Positive, which can be found on most podcast platforms, but which can probably be best enjoyed on her YouTube channel. KAren is so multitalented that I find it difficult to describe her, so I grabbed some info from her website. She works as a medium/channel, awakener and a teacher of Deliberate Creation. She is also a hypnotist, and writer of two books, which are called Awakened by Death: Stories of Transformation and the second one is called Return to Love: An Extraordinary Tale of Love and Discovery that Death is not the end. Both books are available on Amazon.

I found this chat fascinating and hope you enjoy it too.


  • Freddie
  • KAren



Recording date

28 December 2020

Running time

1hr 03min 41sec