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2021-01-21 00:00:00 +0200 21 21 01 2021

The Intentional Encourager

This week we have our second episode in the series of having international podcasters as our guests on Meet me in the field. I am excited to introduce Brian Sexton from West Virginia in the dear old US of A to you.

Brian is the host of The Intentional Encourager podcast. In each episode, he listens to inspirational stories told by incredible people who have overcome unbelievable obstacles. They share the greatest lessons they learned and their biggest piece of Intentional Encouragement. You can listen to it on all the most prominent podcast platforms, but here is a link to it on Audry.

Brian is also the writer of a book called People buy from People. The subscript to the book reads: “10 Powerful People Lessons from the Ultimate People Person - My Dad”. While the write-up to the book reads as follows: “Connection is a basic human need. To share a part of one’s innermost self with someone else is a critical component in today’s world. Every society has a need and strong desire to connect virtually, vocally or in person and that need drives all people to have an innate need to connect more deeply and powerfully with those they love, respect or need relationally.”

He is a committed Christian and sings in the group called The Southern Gospel Quartet, but he is also a husband, father and a musician who plays various instruments.

He is quite the multifaceted being and an absolute pleasure to talk to.


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Recording date

29 December 2020

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54min 50sec