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2021-01-28 00:00:00 +0200 28 28 01 2021

The Uncommon Life Mother

In the third instalment of our international podcast host series, we meet Hannah Garland from the Your Uncommon Life podcast.

Hannah lives about an hour from Seattle, Washington in the United States. She started thinking of doing a podcast about 2 years ago when she had a miscarriage, but only got around to it a few weeks ago. That just shows that a good idea does not die, and we should never give up on a dream. I grab her podcast on Audry, but she can be heard on all the major podcast platforms. This is the write-up to her podcast: “Encouraging words for busy days, tough seasons, and women who do it all. With a perspective rooted in faith and rounded out with years of working high pressure jobs to amateur fighting and now motherhood, I aim to encourage women to make intentional choices to focus their lives around what matters most to them. I explore topics like hope, vulnerability, identity, and habit formation. I’m on this journey, too, and together, we can figure out how to feel at peace and unburdened.”

Hannah is now a full-time mother to a 7-month-old boy and loves every moment of motherhood. Her podcast is both inspirational, educational and hard-hitting and most of all, although it is aimed at women, men can learn a lot from this offering.

You can learn more about Hannah on her website.


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Recording date

30 December 2020

Running time

43min 17sec