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2021-02-18 00:00:00 +0200 18 18 02 2021

The True Quitter

Today we end our international podcast host series with Australian podcast host and business owner Michael Gregory.

I am happy to introduce the host of the Addiction to Freedom podcast and the owner of True Quit. Michael is based outside Sydney in Australia and has a beautifully calm demeanour. His company was formed after Michael’s own struggle to stop smoking. He explains how his philosophically trained mind dug deeper and deeper into the brain mechanism around quitting cigarettes until he found an answer, which he rolled out to great success. He believes his method stops cravings and that it can be used in quitting any addictive substance. I am excited to hear this and really want to take the time to study this more.

He started his podcast recently to spread the word that there is something like freedom from addiction. You can catch Addicted to Freedom on Michael’s website.

It was a great chat that I am sure you will enjoy.


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Recording date

27 January 2021

Running time

42min 39sec