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2021-02-25 00:00:00 +0200 25 25 02 2021

The Empowering Practitioner

A few months ago, I got this email out of the blue from a women who informed me that she is a Holistic Counsellor registered with the same professional body I am. In the email she asks if I will mind terribly if she sends me information about the workshop she was about to launch. I thought this was one of the most well-mannered things ever and immediately agreed.

Over the next few months, I would get mails about workshops that Fe (the e is supposed to have an accent on and Fe told me to press Alt 130 to get the e with the accent, but it does not work like that on my laptop – sorry Fe) runs and links to videos that she posted. I watched one of the videos and got a warm feeling in my tummy. The women on my screen radiated amazing energy. I hardly followed a word she said, because I was already typing her an invite to our guest on Meet me in the field. I wanted to know what caused Fe can Haght to have such an aura. .

I am excited to introduce Fe to you. She is not only a Counsellor, but also a speaker and facilitator and, now I know, also an all round awesome person.

I really liked the time Fe and I spent together and am sure you would too.

If you want to find Fe, then please visit her website. Her Facebook page and Instagram handle are both also Empowered Practices. Her YouTube channel, on the other hand, is Fe van Haght.


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Recording date

29 January 2021

Running time

42min 39sec