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The Chemsex Specialist

I am so blessed to live a life in which I, somehow, end up getting to know some remarkable and fascinating people.

I met Mike as a result of a South African rehabilitation centre seeing a gap in the market in terms of addiction treatment for people for whom engagement in chemsex have become unmanageable. David, the owner of Twin Rivers Rehab in Plettenberg Bay, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in running a chemsex programme for Twin Rivers. Obviously, due to my involvement with Sex Addicts Anonymous and cofacilitating Patrick Carnes sex addiction based treatment groups, he felt I would be a perfect fit. Part of the process of getting this group up and running, was for me to learn more about chemsex. So, in steps chemsex specialist and gay men’s addiction counsellor, Mike Power from London. Having worked in London in gay men’s health clinics and running a chemsex programme at a treatment centre in Thailand, Mike was the perfect master for me to learn from.

Mike and I got along really well. I sensed a deep-seated sense of spirit in him and wanted to know what this is about. So, I asked him to chat to us and here he is.

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This is Mike’s story. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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13 August 2021

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