Lees die indrukke van ander.

Mrs. TR (Alcoholic)

The First Layer 24 Day Recovery Programme has allowed me to rework through the 12 steps with the daily interaction of being in a rehabilitation instituation without having to be absent from work or my children and without the cost of being in rehabilitation.

It has been an extremely personal experience and Freddy has gone far beyond the call of a therapist in his daily interaction and work with me. I have previously been in a rehabilitation institution and did not experience the firm but gentle and healing love that I did on The First Layer 24 Day Programme .

The First Layer has been my saving grace and the foundation on which I have rebuilt my life. It is a work book that can and should be reworked many times and true to its name it has helped me start to unfold the many layers in my life.

I went into major trauma councelling with Freddy and have never trusted or been able to deal with my past trauma until now.

As part of my programmee Freddy had family seissons with me and my children too.

I am thankful and grateful for Freddy and his 12 step recovery workbook - The First Layer

Mrs. AK (Non-addict)

I read this book as a non-addict, affected by addiction. I had no knowledge of the 12 steps recovery program and found this book extremely interesting and informative. I also learned a few coping skills to help me deal with the stresses in my life and it helped me to understand addicts and addiction better. To be recommended for addicts and people who care about them. Great Book! Five stars

Ms. TdC (Non-addict)

The First layer by Freddie van Rensburg is a brilliantly thought out book which gives its readers a helpful and easy to use the 12 Step program to fight any addiction in 21 days. It is a work book which guides the reader through the 12 steps, step by step. Each day gives you a task to write down your thoughts, reflections and goals, allowing you to face your addictions in a concise no nonsense and achievable way.

With his own thoughts and inspiring notes between and after each step and daily reflections you get a personal feel for the writer and can share in his journey and aspire to reach their recovery goals.


Hier is van die boodskappe wat ek na die tyd ontvang het:


This is some of the feedback:


It was as amazing experience. I hope that you host more as I will defnitely come.

Mr. RA

I just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Saturday. I found it enlightening and at times discomfort with certain feelings that arose wich is always good to experience and sit with. I look forward to other workshops dealing with other character assests and defects facilitated by you.

Mnr. AvZ

Hi daar Freddie. Ek het Saterdag Baie insiggewend gevind. Dankie vir dit.

Mrs. C

Hi Freddie and Simon. Thank you for today. I loved your synergy and just how practical, simply and achievable you presented the sessions, using the real event of this morning. The variety of tools can keep us grounded for any eventuality. Thank you.

Ms. LA

Thank you for a fruitful workshop. There are definitely things my partner and I can impliment. I was glad to be reminded of the I-message.