I can get childishly excited about something new in my life. I am one of those people who, when buying a new shirt, would like to put it on in the shop and walk out wearing it. Apparently that is not okay. From my excitement perspective, I do not really grasp the social non-acceptance of it. Seeing that I am neither Martha Stewart or Emsie Schoeman nor Nataniël, I do not get to make the rules. I only get to live by them.

I am very excited at the moment, because I am going live with my podcast later today.

The podcast that I am launching is called “Meet me in the field” and deals with spiritual journeys. Something that is very dear to me.

Since I have been in recovery I have heard a vast amount of stories about how people found a sense of spirituality. Most people I know who are in recovery from any form addiction, follow some form of a 12 step program. These programs are based on spirituality and subscribing to some form of a higher power whom we pray to in order to help us stay clean and live better lives.

We are taught how to stop living defectively. The opposite of our defects of character are our spiritual principles. We try to practice these principles in all aspects of our lives and that is what we call “living spiritually”.

As many people I have heard talking about their spirituality over the years, so many different views on spirituality and the associated journeys, have I heard.

As Jaco says in episode one of “Meet me in the field”; “addicts do not have a monopoly on misery”. This made me think that it could be interesting to capture some of these journeys and share them in a wider forum.

Just as addicts cannot monopolise misery, so we cannot claim spirituality as our domain. I shall thus talk to anyone whose spirituality I respect and/or find interesting.

These stories are intended to be inspirational, thought-provoking and maybe even educational. They are neither sermons nor lectures. They are just people who I believe have a story to tell, sharing their experience and hope with us.

Some subscribers may not necessarily agree with the concepts of spirituality that they hear, and that is perfectly okay. We are all uniquely different. As we all have dissimilar retina patterns, so we can all have our own concept of what we believe spirituality to be. The focus of this podcast is more on the journey than the destination.

I believe that you are listening to the podcast for a reason. I urge you to take from it what you need and to leave the rest. Challenge yourself to be open-minded and accommodating and see what you can get out of it.

This has turned out to be a huge personal challenge for me. One that I am thoroughly enjoying. I am finding myself connecting with people on a deeper and meaningful level, while also learning a lot of new things. I am suddenly working with equipment and software which I only ever saw on television or on my partner’s computer screen and always thought “what the heck is that?” It is a huge learning curve and a unique opportunity to grow.

I am also learning a lot about myself. I never realised how much I use “um” and how terribly I stutter. It is not until I wanted to edit these out of the recordings, that I realised how much I do it. This has lead me to be far more mindful about how I speak and to actually think twice before I open my mouth. I am starting to get the saying; “you have two ears and one mouth for a reason”.

My wish is that you will come on this journey with me and derive as much enjoyment and personal growth from it as I am.

If you are interested in listening to it, go here: Meet me in the field