Simply honestly answer Yes or No to these 15 questions.

  1. Do you lose track of time while you are engaging in screen-related activities and end up spending longer on these activities than planned?
  2. Do you feel ashamed to tell others how long you really spend on screen-related activities or hide the truth about the extent of your engagement in this regard?
  3. Have you ever tried to control the amount of time you spend engaged with screens and found yourself not able to spend less time doing it?
  4. When you are not busy with screen-related activities, do you think about it and distract you from what you are supposed to be concentrating on?
  5. When being forced not be engaged with you chosen screen activity, do you feel frustrated, irritated or restless?
  6. Has anyone you love and/or care for ever expressed any form of concern about your screen engagement?
  7. Have you ever engaged in screen activities when it was not appropriate for you to do so?
  8. Do you find yourself mindlessly engaged in screen activities while you have other things you should be attending to?
  9. Have you ever tried to stop engaging with the screen and found that you could not stop?
  10. Have you ever experienced any health problems as a result of your screen activities?
  11. Have you ever cancelled an appointment or not showed up for an appointment with other people because you chose to rather be engaged in your preferred screen activity?
  12. Do you find that you progressively spend more and more time, energy or money on your screen activity?
  13. Do you find that your productivity has decreased as a result of your screen engagement?
  14. Have you ever been in trouble with any form of authority as a direct or indirect result of your screen activities?
  15. Does your screen engagement demand your immediate attention?

If you answered Yes to more than 3 of these questions I recommend you contact me to talk about this.