Life Anon

I am very excited to announced that my new book “Life Anon: A 12-step guide to life for non-addicts” is now available! Many of us suffer unnecessarily because of how we react to what happens to us in life. Life Anon adapts the spiritual programme of Alcoholics Anonymous for non-addicts. The author has compiled a step guide that will take you on a journey through the 12 steps, from reacting hurtfully to responding appropriately to life. “I see the 12 steps as one of the greatest gifts ever given to humanity. In this book, I make their gifts accessible to everyone who wants to change for the better. I am eternally grateful for the new life it has given me. I want everyone to experience its wonders. By changing ourselves, we can make the world a wonderful place for everyone to live in.”


“As the sister of an addict and the mother of sons, who tend to go out drinking and partying, I decided to read the book. I found it truly eye-opening and helpful. It revealed to me the reasons why people have these problems and what my contribution to their problems is. In working through the book, I found the answers to problems and afflictions that I didn’t even realise I had. It is an awesome book for anybody to work though if you have any family members with any addiction or even other mental problem. CAN SINCERELY recommend it!”

“Anyone who wants to use The 12 Steps to heal their life would benefit greatly from working with this book. it’s so easy to understand with the author’s personal examples plus a scenario that runs throughout. The questions & example answers are clear, helpful, and manageable. Very user-friendly. Highly recommended.” Review by Gigi Langer PhD, author of ”50 Ways to Worry Less Now.”

“This is a powerful guide for gifted yet also traumatized young ones who seek meaning and healing; being at risk to shortcut their search by escaping into addictive coping behavior. This book offers a gentle and accessible process of embracing a loving and benevolent spiritual companionship. Life Anon is rich in hope and tangible guidance towards self- love and creative unfolding. A “Must Read’’ for Matric level High School students and all those concerned about family members and friends who struggle with anger and loneliness or aggression. The author’s invitation to share in a healing process reverberates beautifully. His wisdom, compassion and loving care inspire and offer connectedness.”

“According to the author, “Many of us suffer unnecessarily because of how we react to what happens to us in life. Life Anon adapts the spiritual programme of Alcoholics Anonymous for non-addicts. The author has compiled a step guide that will take you on a journey through the twelve steps from reacting hurtfully to responding appropriately to life.” ‘Know Thyself’ is an aphorism that arose out of the old Greek wisdom culture …. and it remains true to this day. To life a live of purpose is to live an examined life. This book is not an easy read that will entertain you. It will make you question and explore your inner being…. and your place in the universe. It is a guide for those of you ready to start digging under the surface of your established way of thinking. As such it is a book that will keep giving. May it become your best helper. Dr Denis Allard trauma surgeon Cape Town South Africa”

“I have met Freddie who I call Sensei through Social Media (Twitter) on #RecoverPosse. I myself (Jonathan V) am an Alcoholic and Problem Gambler in Recovery. I was in touch with Sensei as he was Finishing Life Anon: A 12 Step Guide for Non-Addicts and purchased my copy in December 2019. I am not going to write a summary of the book. What I will tell you is that it has helped me understand myself both from a Sufferer and Non-Sufferer’s perspective. Sensei is one of me, one of us, a long-term addict in recovery (now a proud abstainer) who writes books, runs podcasts, coaches people and more. I cannot recommend this book enough. It has truly changed the way I view myself, addictions and recovery. If you are a sufferer yourself, or closed to someone who is a sufferer of addictions, this book will considerably help you. Buy It.” Jonathan Vencatachellum Mauritius

“Freddie van Rensburg’s ‘Life Anon’ is on its way to becoming an integral part of the recovery revolution. It makes a life-altering process accessible to an entire sector of the population interested in personal growth and self-development, but who would otherwise not be exposed to the 12 steps. The questions posed and manner in which the author explains the steps encourage curiosity and develop lasting insight. I remember – in the early years of my own personal recovery – thinking, “Everyone should work the steps!” and now, in a gentle, un-intrusive, respectful way, everyone can. Highly recommended. Desiree-Anne Martin: Author of We Don’t Talk About: Everyone

“I bought Life Anon during a difficult part of my life’s journey. I was facing existential, career and relationship challenges. This book helped me greatly to center myself, take stock of what is needed and how I want to proceed forward.” Merwe Steenkamp

“Excellent book Freddie. You kept it real, which is great for me. The personal paragraphs are excellent. Well written.” Gary in the UK

“Just finished “Life Anon” by @RensburgFreddie. Can’t recommend it enough. It’s brilliant!” Brad: Personal Trainer and Mentor

“Your book, “Life Anon, 12-step guide for non-addicts”, has been my life-saver over the last few lockdown weeks. Having completed Step 1 just before lockdown was announced, it has kept my perspective on track. I have accepted that I am powerless over life. Although lockdown has been difficult, my mindset has been that of accepting the present situation we all find ourselves in, plus that of gratitude for my personal situation in comparison to that of many millions of others. As this journey guides me from strength to strength, I remain grateful for the time and energy you have put into this book for all those people who are ready to move forward in their personal journeys of life.” Colleen


Purchase a printed copy by sending an email to or buy on FreddieShop. The cost is R300 plus R35 postage in South Africa and R100 postage internationally.