Meet me in the field

2019-10-10 00:00:00 +0200 10 10 10 2019

The Husband on Life Anon

Today, I speak with Jaco, my husband again. In the beginning of our Meet me in the field journey, I decided to chat to him every now and then, on a regular basis, to find out from him if he is getting anything from listening to Meet me in the field. I actually wanted to see if we are helping him develop a sense of spirituality. But, life goes fast and I have not spoken to him in yonkers. With his intense involvement in the 100th episode celebration of Meet me in the field, both the podcast and the celebration was after all his ideas), the Recovery Festival and Life Anon, I wanted to touch base with him to hear his thoughts on specifically Life Anon. This is our chat about Life Anon specifically and a bit about all the other stuff he has been involved in in my life over the past few months. We mentioned our friend Petra during the chat. She is one fascinating woman and you can catch her episode here.



Recording date

07 October 2019

Running time

30min 11sec