Meet me in the field

2020-10-08 00:00:00 +0200 8 08 10 2020

The Screen and Social Media Addiction Episode

I have decided to bring a topic very close to my heart to Meet me in the field this week. Today we talk about Screen and Social Media Addiction. I believe this addiction is a sitting time bomb and not enough awareness is being raised about it. I have again hooked up with Merwe from Talking Orangutans. We recorded an episode on this addiction for Orangutans in the field and this week’s Meet me in the field episode is that recording. Merwe struggles with marketing and promoting his business on social media. The actual activity is not the problem - it is the feeling he has when he is not on it. What is social media and screen addiction? I again plays the role of the Counsellor and provide guidance and perspective of where to draw the lines between acceptable versus addictive social media usage and screen engagement. Click here to access my screen addiction questionnaire. If you think you or a loved one may be struggling with screen addiction, contact me on for help.


  • Freddie
  • Merwe



Recording date

14 July 2020

Running time

50min 19sec