Meet me in the field

2020-12-24 00:00:00 +0200 24 24 12 2020

The Mystic

As I recite this Rumi poem, Meet me in the field, for at least the 158th time on this podcast, I am getting a whole new meaning from it. The reason is this week’s guest, Renee. Renee and I have known each other for about 11 years now and although I like the socks of this girl, we never had the opportunity to get close and become close friends. After this interview, I can honestly say, that I regret it deeply.

Renee just completed her Honours Degree in Religious Studies at Unisa, writing her dissertation on the works of the 13th century poet and Sufi mystic, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi, or as we know him today, just plain Rumi. For those who do knot know, Rumi wrote the original Persian poem which we today call Meet me in the field and which is the base of this podcast.

Renee is also an amazing singer, which, as you will hear is a significant part of her spiritual journey. You can catch some of her songs on YouTube, just look for Renee Fortune.

I apologise for the terrible sound on my end of this recording. This episode was recorded the day before we moved house, again, and I sat in a completely empty room, unable to find my already packed-away microphone. So, I had to settle for the laptop sound. I hope it does not distract too much from Renee and my awesome chat.


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Recording date

24 November 2020

Running time

42min 15sec