Meet me in the field

2021-06-03 00:00:00 +0200 3 03 06 2021

The Cranio Sacral Therapist

Getting to know today’s guest is surely one of the highlights of my 2021.

I am terribly excited to introduce you to Peta Dukes. Peta is a Cranio Secral Therapist/Practitioner, whatever you choose to call her and a Recovery Coach. If you want or need trauma work done or want to know more about your inner child, Peta is your person. I really rate her knowledge and insight.

If you want to contact her, please email her on peta.dukes@gmail .com or whatsapp (only) her on 079-661-0922.

I relate with Peta on so many levels and the chat got a bit out of hand because of this, so this episode is longer than the current standard one. I am thus not going to say any more and happily introduce Peta to you.


  • Freddie
  • Peta



Recording date

20 May 2021

Running time

1hr 10min 45sec