The First Layer

I am very excited to announced that “The First Layer” is now available! This is an addiction workbook that helps you to work through the 12 steps in 21 days. It guides you with questions and personal observations of how to interpret the steps and how to get the most out of this approach.


“This book saved my life. The quick pace of working the 12 steps for the first time gave me a bird’s-eye view of the program and how the healing process in recovery works. It rapidly guided me to discover the areas in my life that I need to focus on to stay clean and serene. I would definitely recommend this book, especially for newcomer to 12 step programs.”

“This is not the first time I have worked through the 12 Steps, but the approach to do it in 21 days made it so much more powerful for me. This book is one of those gifts that can change a life’s journey, bring healing and awaken the spirit.”

“Even though I have been clean and in recovery for 10+ years I still find it essential to work through the steps on a regular basis. I always love getting my hands on a new 12 step work book to keep things interesting. I recommend this book to all of my sponsees in the 12 step program. Being able to work through the 12 steps in 21 days really does help to give them a solid foundation for recovery.”


You can obtain a copy in one of the following ways:

  • Purchase a printed copy by sending an email to or buy on FreddieShop. The cost is R 250 plus R 35 postage in South Africa.

Sample pages

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