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2019-11-14 00:00:00 +0200 14 14 11 2019

The Shining Light

Today I am happy to introduce you to an amazing woman. Her name is Keshia Victor. Take note of her name, because she is going to leave a legacy. Keshia was, at the age of 34, diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer and is a remarkable young woman. Keshia is not waiting to die. She is capturing her incredible journey, from diagnosis to now in an inspirational set of YouTube videos, which you can watch here. She also started an inspiring project, called The Happiness Project, which you can read more about here. Keshia is also an animal behaviourist and she continues her work with animals, from her bed, if necessary. She runs a webpage called Cape Town Canines where she gives more details. She is also writing a book about her amazing journey. It is as yet untitled, but contributors to Keshia’s Recovery Fund will all receive an electronic copy. If she does not manage to finish the book before she passes away, a friend will complete it and see to its distribution. Her treatment costs about double her income per month. Please help if you can.


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Recording date

07 November 2019

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42min 28sec