Meet me in the field

2020-11-19 00:00:00 +0200 19 19 11 2020

The Indigo Spirit

I am always fascinated by social circles and the phenomena of who know whom and what their connections are based on. In Nico’s case, I have been in awe more than usual. On all social media platforms, I run into Nico. On each platform, he seems to be connected with a different group of people which I am somehow connected to as well. Yet, we have never met. Based on all the platforms we seem mutually connected to, it was clear that I had to chat to Nico on Meet me in the field and hear how he fits in where and how he got there. I am so happy that I did. The conversation which follows flowed as easily as a full river and the connection was there right from the start. It is really interesting to hear how Nico came into the healing world and which modalities he practices. I am still keen on doing a Reiki course with him and also want to experience hypnosis with him. If you are interested to find out more about Nico of any of his healing modalities, please connect with him on his website or on Facebook and Instagram under Indigo Spirit Academy.


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Recording date

16 October 2020

Running time

46min 03sec