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2021-07-08 00:00:00 +0200 8 08 07 2021

The Buddhist on Blindness

Every episode of Meet me in the field that I record and put out is close to my heart and incredibly important to me. Today’s episode truly takes a special place.

I have known Mandy for about 25 years now. We have walked strange and interesting paths. From the heydays of flourishing financial markets, market crashes, marriages, divorces, my drug addiction and recovery, to her sudden onset blindness and wounding and steep road of recovery, we have been there for each other. I am aware of how difficult it is for Mandy to share this part of her life path, but we both agree it is not only a tale worth telling, but if we can, through this telling, help one person, then we have done well.

I thank Mandy from the bottom of my heart.

You can listen to Mandy’s first Meet me in the field chat here.

We also refer to James and Pierre during our chat. You can catch my chat with James here, while my conversation with Pierre can be listen to by following this link. Both truly inspirational stories and an important part in Mandy’s recovery story.

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  • Freddie
  • Mandy



Recording date

02 July 2021

Running time

54min 58sec