Meet me in the field

2021-10-28 00:00:00 +0200 28 28 10 2021

The Awe Cultivator

Hi Everyone

Today, I bring David Joshua into the field for a chat.

David and I have been in contact on the meditation app, Insight Timer, for a while, and have been trying to set up this chat for a few months. I am happy and grateful that he made the time to meet us in the field and for sharing his interesting and inspiring journey with us.

I call David the Awe Cultivator and, right at the end of the chat, you will hear why – it all has to do with the word yugen (this word is supposed to have a weird wavey symbol on top of the u, which I neither know how to make not what what it is called).

You will hear some strange sound occurrences during this recording. I apologise for this in advance. David and I discussed his consulting work, and we named the companies whom he is doing some work for. We decided, after the recording, that it is better not to mention the companies, so I deleted their names, hence some strange sound phenomena taking place. Don’t worry, it is not you going mad or developing some weird ear infliction, it is me.

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This is David’s story. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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  • David



Recording date

05 October 2021

Running time

44min 33sec