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2021-11-11 00:00:00 +0200 11 11 11 2021

The Zen Practitioner

Hi Everyone

Our guest today is Erik.

Erik is another of my Insight Timer (free meditation app) friends, who have, in the short period that we have known each other, made a big impact on my life.

Erik is not only a Buddhist, who practices Zen, but he applies a principle to his life, which is called Big Mind. It is a fascinating modality which he demonstrates during our chat. Go to Big Mind to learn how to speak TO all the aspects of your being, rather than ABOUT them. I tried to explain it in my own words, but failed miserably, so I rather quote from the website: “Big Mind/Big Heart Zen is a Western Path, Way and Community which aims to assist its followers in manifesting their fullest potential, realizing and actualizing their inherent wisdom and compassion, and living happy and joyful lives filled with love and compassion, free and at home in their own skin. Coming from the synthesis or apex of our absolute and relative nature, it encompasses the yin and yang or complete circle of our humanity. It enables us to own, embody and be empowered by fully awakening aspects or voices within us, from the purest to the darkest. We see that each voice, or “self,” has the capacity to transform from unawakened to awakened, from disowned to owned, immature to mature, unhealthy to health, and that when a voice is either unawakened or disowned it acts out in covert, unhealthy and even pathological ways. Just as all sentient beings are born with the same wisdom and compassion as the awakened ones, all aspects of “self” have this same capacity when awakened.”

As a Swedish person living in South Africa, Erik is on a mission to make a difference and an impact in the world. He is currently doing this through his company, Watobe. Watobe is a free online maths teaching portal, that offers daily free maths lessons on their website. What an amazing initiative! Please visit his website to see what this is all about. In my books, whoever can help a young person to reduce their anxiety about maths, needs to win some sort of prize. Watch this space!

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This is Erik’s story. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


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07 November 2021

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