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2020-06-18 00:00:00 +0200 18 18 06 2020

The Spiritual Position

In this episode we hear from some of my friends and previous guests, whom I think of as spiritual. They are Julie and Michael, in America, and Mandy and Merwe, on two opposite sides of the peninsula in the Western Cape province of South Africa. I heard something interesting in this group of interviews and maybe it relates to the fluidity of the term, spirituality. Let’s see if you pick up on it too.

Julie is our The Psychic of 12 December 2019. She also wrote a childrens’ book called Angel Messages for Kids. Both are available on Amazon and are worth a read. Mandy is The Buddhist from Episode 18 of 11 January 2018. Mandy gives meaning to her blindness journey through her Eyes2Eyes NGO of which I am a Director. We are trying to raise funds for a confocal microscope or two for the Western Cape, raise awareness to cornea transplants and contribute to the distribution of scleral lenses. You can find Mandy’s business interest at Sunday Girl Studio offering. Please click on the links supplied and help us to make the world a better and more beautiful place to behold. Merwe is our The Doer of Things of Episode 68, which went live on 20 December 2018. Merwe is the host of his own podcast Talking Orangutans, where he just chats to people whom he finds interesting. Micheal. He is The Seventy-Six Percenter of the 26 July 2018 offering, which was Episode 46.


  • Freddie
  • Julie, Mandy, Merwe and Michael



Recording date

17 May 2020

Running time

1hr 08min 44sec